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More About Tree Pruning

Artistic Pruning — We prune to a species-specific standard.

Climbing Arborist Needed — A custom home builder in Fairfax was building a home on a lot that was at its limit for tree clearing.

Crepe Myrtles, Best Pruning Practices — Plan your pruning for late winter. February is ideal and it is advised not to go too much past mid-March.

Maintenance Pruning — In maintenance pruning, we prune a tree to allow sunlight penetration, to alleviate some of the weight on the limbs

Tree Pruning Helps Trees Fit the Space — Pruning trees to fit into spaces is an acceptable practice for some trees because of their ability to heal.

Tree Pruning Ashburn, VA — Homeowners in Ashburn are particular about their properties and discerning with regard to their choice of service professionals.

Arlington Tree Pruning — At Pro Arbor, we have been pruning the large trees of Arlington for years.

Tree Pruning in Manassas, VA — Call us to see for yourself by having one of our arborists give you a free estimate for tree pruning in Mannasas VA.

Reston, VA Tree Pruning — The trees in Reston (mostly) are cared for by professionals who know how to preserve such an atmosphere.

Manassas Tree Pruning — Even though our methods are far superior to most others, we work hard to assure that our prices remain competitive.

Northern Virginia Tree Pruning — Eventually decay and pest infestation spread from the sites of these wounds.

Prune Your Tree, Don't Kill It — Pruning trees is only beneficial if it is done correctly.

Tree Pruning — Pruning or trimming involves the removal of branches or stems from trees and woody plants.

When Not To Use Gaffs — Many of our competitors use climbing spikes on their feet to climb the trees to prune them. Not us!

More About Tree Services in Arlington, Virginia

Closing a Street For a Tree Removal — Sometimes, the only safe way to remove a tree is to close the street. Know the rules and regulations!

Improper Pruning Practices in Arlington — If he had remained sitting there another half hour, he would surely have been killed instantly.

Invasive Weeds — Recently, while working on a tree removal project in Arlington, Virginia, I bumped into a technician from the Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation named Karsten Ziemann.

Over the House Removals — We sometimes encounter situations when it is necessary to bring in a crane.

Pruning Arlington Tulip Poplars — Our larger, more notable tree pruning actions in Arlington have been with tulip poplars.

Review of Pro Arbor Tree Service in Arlington, VA — I would highly recommend them to all our neighbors and friends. If you have the opportunity to do some cost comparisons, they may save the association some money too.

Sounding Trees — There are different ways to sound a tree. The old-fashioned way is to use a rubber mallet.

Tree Pruning Arlington, VA — The older and larger a tree, the less ability that it has to recover from over-pruning or poor pruning cuts.

Pruning Arlington Tulip Poplars — Our larger, more notable tree pruning actions in Arlington have been with tulip poplars.

Tree Removal Arlington, Virginia — If you have to remove a tree in Arlington, call Pro Arbor.

Tree Removal Surprise — When we removed the trunk of the tree, we found a hollow area large enough for three men to stand inside it!

Tree Removal Tale — There was an Arlington tree removal where we removed two red oaks and a white oak from a backyard.

Tulip Poplar Tree Removals in Arlington — Pro Arbor has been contracted to remove some large Tulip Poplar trees from the Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, VA.