How Much Should it Cost to Cut Down a Tree?

Very often when I am asked to assess a tree or to give an estimate for removal, pruning or trimming, there is a quick “cut to the chase.” I have to examine your particular tree and its unique challenges before I can make an accurate, free estimate because every tree’s situation is different.

“How much do you think this is going to cost?”

The question frequently comes while still on the phone, and before I have had an opportunity to look at the tree. I understand where the question comes from. Most people have had no experience with hiring pros to remove trees and have never had to think about how much it costs. So unlike buying something on the retail market where prices are posted, or hiring a mowing service or cleaning service where the pricing is somewhat standard, there is the element of the unknown. The consumer does not want to waste anybody’s time if the price is simply too high, so the question comes right away.

Of course there is no way to estimate the cost of a tree removal without seeing it, so the question cannot be answered until the estimator sees the tree. The good news is this: Pricing tree work is what an estimator does. So there is no wasting of time so long as you are genuine in your wish to have work done. A sales arborist knows that not everybody can afford what they are shopping for, and that the price must be known before any decision is made. So the representative that you talk to will always be more than happy to look at your tree. Estimates are always free, so rest assured that it is completely normal to have someone look at the tree.

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