How Much Does It Cost To Cut Down A Tree?

So you are considering a home improvement project that is going to require removing a tree. You need to establish the budget and cost of the project, so you start to find prices for all phases of the project. After some searching, you may find that pricing the tree removal is not as straight forward as it would at first seem. You are probably going to get a wide range of prices from the different tree services that you talk to.

Let’s look at this from two perspectives:

  1. Why is there not a straight-forward pricing scheme for tree removal?
  2. Why are the prices that are quoted so different?

The reason that there is not a standard pricing formula for tree removal is because every tree removal task is different from the others. Unlike other tasks, the place that a tree occupies affects the task of removing it. Putting in fencing is relatively the same no matter where you do it. Building a garage is pretty much the same task on one side of your house as it would be on the other. So the question really should be, “How much does it cost to cut down YOUR tree?” Yours is unique to others, and it will have to be uniquely considered.

To find out how much it will cost to cut down your tree, you will have to discuss it with tree service providers. This leads to the second perspective, “Why are the estimates so different?” There are actually many ways to cut down a tree. Different tree services will use different methods to perform the same removal. Not knowing the science of arboriculture, you are left to decide which one is best for your project. How can you know who is going to get it right?

Test your tree service. On all of the websites, there is a “contact us” feature. In fact, on some there is a live chat where you are able to talk directly and live with somebody in the company. Ask questions about your trees. There are no dumb questions. Arborists love to talk about what they do. As they talk, you will be able to see differences among them, especially if you ask them all the same questions.

In talking to the different tree service representatives, you will begin to notice that some just have better answers to your questions. Some answers might appear somewhat suspect. Check the bona fides by submitting it to another arborist (different website). You can do all of this just sitting at your computer. Eventually you will see who has the better grasp on tree issues. This tree service (and this price) is going to be your best bet.

Remember, you want the right price, not necessarily the lowest price.

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