Property Line Tree Removal

Question: I’m not sure who’s property this tree is on, but I want it removed. I live in Fairfax, VA. How do I figure out who needs to pay for the tree removal?

Answer: Generally speaking, the owner of the property where the tree originates is the owner of the tree. So if you and your neighbor agree that it should be removed, then it is really just a matter of determining which property it is growing from.

However, there have been many disputes between neighbors regarding the responsibility for trees that occupy space on two or more properties. In most cases where the neighbors are friends (or at least friendly) they share the expense of the removal.

Sometimes one of the neighbors will exercise his legal right to remove limbs that are encroaching his property. Although this may not be the best thing for the tree, the appearance of the properties, or neighborly relations, it is within legal rights.

Open communication between neighbors is the best way to find a solution.

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