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More About Tree Pruning

Artistic Pruning — We prune to a species-specific standard.

Climbing Arborist Needed — A custom home builder in Fairfax was building a home on a lot that was at its limit for tree clearing.

Crepe Myrtles, Best Pruning Practices — Plan your pruning for late winter. February is ideal and it is advised not to go too much past mid-March.

Maintenance Pruning — In maintenance pruning, we prune a tree to allow sunlight penetration, to alleviate some of the weight on the limbs

Tree Pruning Helps Trees Fit the Space — Pruning trees to fit into spaces is an acceptable practice for some trees because of their ability to heal.

Tree Pruning Ashburn, VA — Homeowners in Ashburn are particular about their properties and discerning with regard to their choice of service professionals.

Arlington Tree Pruning — At Pro Arbor, we have been pruning the large trees of Arlington for years.

Tree Pruning in Manassas, VA — Call us to see for yourself by having one of our arborists give you a free estimate for tree pruning in Mannasas VA.

Reston, VA Tree Pruning — The trees in Reston (mostly) are cared for by professionals who know how to preserve such an atmosphere.

Manassas Tree Pruning — Even though our methods are far superior to most others, we work hard to assure that our prices remain competitive.

Northern Virginia Tree Pruning — Eventually decay and pest infestation spread from the sites of these wounds.

Prune Your Tree, Don't Kill It — Pruning trees is only beneficial if it is done correctly.

Tree Pruning — Pruning or trimming involves the removal of branches or stems from trees and woody plants.

When Not To Use Gaffs — Many of our competitors use climbing spikes on their feet to climb the trees to prune them. Not us!

More About Tree Trimming

7 Ways Not To Trim Trees — Mr. Moron shows us, by his bad example, 7 ways NOT to trim trees.

HOAs Trust ProArbor — The reason for the call was that one of the homeowners had decided to call another tree service to prune a Bradford Pear Tree.

The Consequences of Poorly Trimmed Trees — What happens if a poorly trimmed tree does not heal properly?

Tree Trimming, Fairfax VA — Utility providers are most concerned with the safety and accessibility of their lines, and so they cut back trees from the lines with this in mind.

Tree Trimming and Proper Tree Care — Tree trimming may be performed to mitigate hazards or reduce future hazards, and in this regard may considered as a practice in tree health management.

Tree Trimming in Northern VA — There has been much research data shared and discussed that supports the idea that it is most beneficial to prune trees of all species in the dormant season (winter).