Out of a love of serving golf courses with ProArbor’s tree care services, Ferris Crilly decided to create ProTurf, allowing this second company to aid turf managers in providing the best greens to both members and players. We know aeration is the key to this process, but that it’s a challenge – a challenge we’re always ready to take on!


Having served the golf course maintenance industry for a decade in the realm of arboriculture, the professionals at ProTurf know the primary focus on the golf course is turfgrass quality and plant health. Keeping the greens healthy can become a real problem in the heat of the summer for turf manager. To keep the turf healthy, sunlight, water AND aeration are the keys to success. We deliver this through our Air2G2 treatment.

The ProTurfs teams are available to deploy our 3 Air2g2 machines with operators for you to use anywhere on your property. Our trained professional operators are ready to start early in the morning to get ahead of the golfers and get your greens aerated without play interruption. Pricing depends on course acreage and length of the process.

Growing Healthy Turf With Soil CPR From Air2G2 Air Injections

ProTurf’s Air2G2 treatment requires no cleanup upon completion and can be easily done in any weather condition, without interrupting play or disrupting the turf surface 0 so no need to close the course in order to perform Soil CPR with our Air2G2 process.
The benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Relieving compacted soil up to 12” deep
  • Creating gas exchange in the root zone
  • Adding drainage channels allowing the turf to breathe and survive under our stressful conditions, and far beyond.

Contact us for scheduling an Air2G2 treatment and for our other world class turf care services – the best offered to golf courses in Northern VA and the DC Metro area.

Take your golf course to the next level with the best golf course turf care services in the Northern VA area and the DC Metro region.